• Pareti divisorie
    Divisori per ufficio per ripartire e razionalizzare i vostri spazi, la modularità di questo prodotto rende efficente e sfrutta al massimo il vostro ambiente di lavoro.
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  • Arredamenti Operativi
    Massimizzare la produttività con rese sempre maggiori nello spazio a tua disposizione, questo è possibile solo grazie alle tante soluzioni che con i nostri prodotti possiamo creare.
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  • Contract
    Il "chiavi in mano" è oggi un servizio importantissimo che solo un team dinamico, esperto ed attento alle soluzioni moderne può padroneggiare. Pensa al tuo lavoro, al tuo habitat pensiamo noi.


The industrial shelves is generally used in case of heavier goods or pallets, this is composed of vertical posts on the sides joint by means of a triangular reinforcement cross. This is made up of beams and diagonals forming the external side of the shelf. Each side is joint to another one on the opposite part of the structure thanks to the carriers.
Each post is equipped with a  levelling slab whose function is that of transferring the post weight to the floor.
The hooking of carriers to the sides is made possible by means of two connectors which guarantee safety and an easy assembly.

These connectors have a L structure and are equipped with 4 hookings of 50 mm. After being installed each connector is locked with a security pin in order to avoid vertical movement risks to the carrier beam.

According to the client's needs to stock goods we are able to offer shelves carrier or pallet-carrier.
In addition to this, we also dispose of many accessories to satisfy all the needs in logistics and safety terms.