• Pareti divisorie
    Divisori per ufficio per ripartire e razionalizzare i vostri spazi, la modularità di questo prodotto rende efficente e sfrutta al massimo il vostro ambiente di lavoro.
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  • Arredamenti Operativi
    Massimizzare la produttività con rese sempre maggiori nello spazio a tua disposizione, questo è possibile solo grazie alle tante soluzioni che con i nostri prodotti possiamo creare.
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  • Contract
    Il "chiavi in mano" è oggi un servizio importantissimo che solo un team dinamico, esperto ed attento alle soluzioni moderne può padroneggiare. Pensa al tuo lavoro, al tuo habitat pensiamo noi.


The 3D project is carried out in our offices by specialized technicians.

The customer normally sends us a plant (by fax or e-mail) and points out general indications of the project to realize.
In other cases the customer requires us to rationalize its spaces and develop specific solutions for him.

In a couple of days (It depends on the complexity of the project) our client receives the project by fax or e-mail.
In addition to this, the potential client will find:

  • a quoted plant
  • two assonometric prospects
  • the offer with its financial conditions

The whole service is for free and without obligation.

The company disposes of a solid modeling software to realize a project perfectly close to reality.

This software is specifically studied to develop partition walls drawings and lets the operator to insert all modules in a very easy and rapid way. This drawing system is equipped with an accurate cad and gives the possibility to realize projects in a very short time.

Our technicians are always at your disposal to give you all the information and possible modifications regarding the project and to suggest the most suitable solution. 
Our working process requires that the same operator carries the project from the beginning until the end.

In this way the customer will always have contact with the same person, the one is always at his complete disposal.

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